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Sunday, 10 August 2014 16:55

VIETRADE - Vietnam is a potential and traditional honey producing country. Before 1980, beekeeping was still under-developed. At that time, beekeeping was a fun that brought a small income for households. Since 1980s, beekeeping has developed rapidly in all provinces. At the beginning of 1990s, Vietnam started to export honey but volume was very small, just about tens tons a year. Honey-beekeeping in Vietnam was a small and backward sector in compared with in the world. However, at present, Vietnam becomes one of the well-known honey exporters in the world markets.


Overview of Vietnam’s honey sector

Even though being a small sector that accounts for a small portion export revenue (less than US$100 million/year), honey export and production contribute significantly in job creation, poverty reduction, exploitation of available natural resources, lessening deforestation, strengthening value added, and enhancement of living standards of ethnic minority people in mountainous regions such as Central Highlands and North West.


Currently, Vietnam ranks the 6th in the world and the 2nd in Asia regarding honey export, following China and is in the top 10 honey export countries in the world. Vietnam beekeeping association is recognized by the World Beekeeping Association as an active member out of 58 members. By 2008, Vietnam had 1,000,000 colonies (including 650,000 Italian colonies and 350,000 domestic colonies) with estimated output at nearly 20,000 tons of honey. In which, 16,000 tons were for export equivalent to US$35,000.


In 2013, honey volume in the country was 48,000 tons, in which 37,000 tons were for export. In particular, Vietnam exported over 30,000 tons of honey to the U.S., and reached the revenue of US$75.66 million. Recently, honey export growth rate has increased stably at high rate (14%). Vietnam honey is mainly exported to the U.S market at price much lower than that of other countries (US$2.48/kg).


Honey production and business develop strongly in the Central Highlands. Dak Lak province, in particular, is a province with many advantages for honey production such as 1.7 million ha of natural forest, perennial industrial trees area, and the most plentiful feed sources for honey bee. Beekeeping strongly develops in Dak Lak, making this province a leading honey exporting province of the country.   


Current export situation and limitations

Export revenue: Vietnamese ranks the 6th in the world and the 2nd in Asia (following China) in honey exports. In 2011, the whole country produced more than 30,000 tons of honey. In which, 27,000 tons was for exports. In 2012, Vietnam export revenue was US$58 million, accounting for 3.1% export revenue of the world. The U.S. is the main importer of Vietnam's honey, taking 95% Vietnam honey exported to the world. 2013 was the first year when Vietnam exported over 30,000 tons of honey to the U.S., and reached the revenue of US$75.66 million. Honey export to Middle East, Japan, EU and some Asian countries reaches 34,000 tons equivalent to about US$85 million. This is a breakthrough of the honey sector. Beside the U.S., Vietnam also exports this product to the Middle East, Japan, the EU and some other Asian countries. However, Vietnam honey export price is US$2.48/ton, much lower than the average export price to the U.S (US$3.31) and to other countries.


According to Vietnam beekeeping association, Vietnam continuously gained good results in exporting honey to the world in the first seven months of 2014. In total, 27,000 tons of honey were exported to 14 countries and territories. The country succeeded in exporting to the new strict market, Australia and other markets such as Mongolia and the EU. The U.S. still accounts for 95% of the country’s total export revenue, with over 25,000 tons in the first 7 months of 2014.


Growth rate: The average growth rate of Vietnam’s honey export increased stably at high rate (14%). Especially, in compared with 2008, growth rate of Vietnam’s honey export in 2012 was 87%, reaching nearly 30,000 tons for the world market. Growth rate in the period 2009 – 2013 was 20% in value and 12% in volume. In which, in 2013, the whole country produced more than 37,000 tons of honey.


The Central’s region proportion of honey export of the country: 40% (number of colonies in the country is 1,000,000, in the Central region is 400,000).


Vietnam’s proportion of honey export  in the world: 6.3% (Trademap, 2013: 37,000/587,000)


Products are produced and exported: "Natural honey" (HS 040900) and "Beeswax" (HS 152190).


Main export markets: Vietnam honey market share is 3.1% of the world. Vietnam ranks the 6th in the world, and the 2nd in Asia regarding honey export. The U.S, Canada, Japan, Taiwan (China) and Germany, etc… highly appreciate Vietnam honey except antibiotic and chemical contents.


Positions of Vietnam and the region in the sectorial value chain ans supply chain in the world

Vietnamese ranks the 6th in the world and the 2nd in Asia in honey exports.


Analysis of honey import and export countries shows that China is the biggest honey producing country. The largest honey import country is the U.S. Meanwhile, the U.S do not import honey from China but other countries and Vietnam ranks the second in exporting honey to the U.S. This shows that it is an opportunity for Vietnam enterprises. However, enterprises should comply strictly standards to avoid losing prestige and national trademark that the sector has built up. 




Honey import in the U.S in 2013



Honey volume (kg)

Value (US$)

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